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Good Morning

Good morning, two words in our vocabulary that have multiple meaning and many implications. Together, they are used as a statement of common courtesy and an implication of politeness. It is used as a greeting, or as a statement of our day’s expectations.

 I love hearing my grandson say good morning, grandma. He always smiles when he says it. At only four years old, he understands the meaning. Good morning is a wish that we make towards the person we say it to. It is a statement intended to make the person feel good, otherwise, why would we accompany it with a smile?

How nice is it to walk about, and someone that walks by, smiles, and says good morning. It makes me feel good, I am sure it makes you feel good, too. As life passes by, sometimes we forget that the little details mean so much. In days of old, men, gallantly tipped their hat, and women nodded their head as they passed by each other. People acknowledged each other and affirmed their presence.

 In today’s society, few still say good morning. Most walk by, and avoid each other like the plague. I have seen people go out of their way to make sure no visual contact was established. I believe we have been taught courtesy and politeness, but why do some practice it? Why, some do not?

Here is my take on it.

Some People Practice courtesy and politeness for the following effects:

  •  A sense of “feel good”
  • A sense of acknowledgment

  • A sense of validation

  • A sense of meaning

  • A sense of courtesy

  • A sense of politeness

 Some People do not practice courtesy and politeness for the following effects:

  •  A sense of degradation
  • A sense of anonymity

  • A sense of invisibility

  • A sense of caution

  • A sense of rudeness

  • A sense of self-absorption

 The decadence of courtesy, manners, and politeness is visible in today’s societies. A common behavior previously practiced, is vaporizing in front of our eyes. Are we so preoccupied with technology, gadgets, and electronics that we have forgotten social interaction? Social media does a great job at keeping up with each other, but it is not a substitute for our daily human interaction.

Positive human interaction provokes emotional reactions that when acted upon can bring feelings of acknowledgement, validation, meaning, and acceptance. Maybe if we do it more often, we can change the decadence into increase.

Negative human interaction provokes emotional reactions that when acted upon bring feelings of invisibility, degradation and alienation. The continuous exposure to negative interaction eventually contributes to the decadence of courtesy, manners, and politeness.

 Take a step for the better and put your two cents in. Help change the decadence into increase. Take a second. If someone walks by, acknowledge, validate, and give him or her a little meaning. Tip your hat, nod you head, smile and while you are at it let the words flow out.






You may never know if the person you acknowledged needed validation. You may never know if the person you spoke to needed to feel accepted. You may never know if the person you said good morning to needed a little meaning in their life. You may never know if your words made a difference. Even if you never know what significance your words had, the person you validated, made feel accepted or gave a little meaning in their life, does know, and that makes all the difference.


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Sharing Quiet Moments

family praying hands

Proverbs 17 1

Better is a dry crust of bread where there is quietness than a house full of feasting with strife.

Life today is so complicated and busy. Most work, raise a family, and have other community activities that take over their days. Families run around trying to get everything done and lose track of the time gone by without interaction, time that could be used to gather as a family and enjoy the finer moments in life, those moments when a quite word is better than a thousand activities.

Why is it that today’s demands have replaced family time? Do we have to be so busy that we lose sight of each other’s necessary interaction? Is work so important that we allow it consume us? Has family lost its value?

Unfortunately, it seems that the answers to those questions may lead us to think that the pace we chose for our lives can interfere with the important family time and God’s dedicated time.

Time for Family

The times that we spend together as a family are the times that memories are built from. Yes, the memories that we keep in our hearts, minds, and soul that can never be replaced or forgotten. It is so nice to enjoy dinner together, cook the meal, and then enjoy a family conversation at the table. It is wonderful to be of a sincere heart and participate in a heart to heart conversation. It is wonderful to practice our active listening skills and really pay attention to each other, listen to what is said, and respond with conversation. Usually, these are the times when we enjoy the laughter of our children, the silliness of others, and the fun facts heard throughout the day. It is a time to enjoy each other without judgment, or criticism, but with a loving heart.

Time for God

In addition to family time, we need to have time for God. We need to set aside time to read, study, and learn the Bible. It is time that we can use for our own Christian devotionals. It is time to be quiet of heart, gentle in spirit, and humble in thoughts. It is the time that we communicate with God and enjoy a conversation with Him. We can confess our sins, be grateful for our lives, ask for help, declare our love for Him, and most of all, it is a time to be still and listen to his guidance, acceptance, and encouragement. The greatest moment with God is every moment we spend with Him, for there is no greater moment in this world.

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Family: A Spiritual Unity


Today’s Word


Those who descend from one common progenitor; a tribe or race; kindred; lineage. 

A brotherhood of persons or nations united by political or religious ties.


Today’s Verse

1 Peter 2

17 Honor all people, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the king.


Earthly Family

When we are born, we become part of our earthly family. They provide us with our physical needs. They teach us about love, unity, and care. We form a bond that lasts a lifetime. We become part of its history.

Spiritual Family

When we are born again, we become part of our spiritual family. A unity formed by our belief in Jesus Christ, his resurrection, and our salvation. It teaches us about loving one another, honoring those around us, and respecting each other. We are part of the body of Christ; we become sisters and brothers in faith. We form a bond that last through eternity. We become part of the Book of Life.


I thank my parents for giving me life, so that I could live and choose to love God, and so I could find His promises of life everlasting, faith by His Grace, and love unconditional.

Do you have a spiritual family?


John 1

12  But to all who have received him – those who believe in his name – he has given the right to become God’s children 

13  – children not born by human parents or by human desire or a husband’s decision, but by God.