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Heartache, Why?

heartache and pain

Ecclesiastes 1:18

For with great wisdom comes great frustration;

whoever increases his knowledge merely increases his heartache.

 When I write a blog for my website, I think of ways to inspire others. I do not know what that is, but I figured that if I have struggled, experienced, or learned from my own difficulties, others might have done the same. Over the weekend, I experienced a heart-breaking situation. I am dealing with the different emotions that are going through my head, and realize that things happen for a reason. God allows us to go through situations so that we can learn from the experience, grow as individuals, and have more faith in him.

Learn from the experience

There are times that we do not want to experience heartache, but we do. We question, why did this happen? Even though, we do not understand the reason, we do understand that there must have been one. As time passes by, we see that had it happened the way we wanted it and had we not suffered a heartache, it could have had negative and complicated consequences that were not comprehensible at the time. We take the experience we place it somewhere in our subconscious, and if faced with it again, we know what needs to be done. Although, at the time, we suffered, we learned from the experience.

Grow as individuals

Hard knocks, or life experiences, once we have learned from them, help us grow as individuals. As we go through life, we gain insight, knowledge, and wisdom. All three are good for personal growth. Insight gives us a better look at situations, knowledge gives us a better understanding of things that happen, and wisdom gives us prudence when faced with different situations.

More faith in God

We face an infinite number of situations in life, for which we are not prepared. Life does not have a How-To book that we can open up and follow each time we need guidance. However, our knowledge of faith helps us make the best decisions when God is consulted. Does that make it easier? Does it make it harder? Does it have any impact at all? The answer is within us. Do you believe in God? Do you not believe in God? Do you rather not even think in those terms? Then the answer will be dependent on you, your faith, and your belief. Faith in God, like anything else, is a personal choice. I choose to believe God exists, and I choose to believe that having faith in him, allowing him to guide my life, and giving him control of my worries and problems, provide the best way to understand the reason why things happen.

When I am faced with a heartache, I reason that there must be a lesson to be learned. I look for the lesson and I apply it to my life so that I can grow in insight, knowledge, and wisdom. I put my faith in God, I allow him to guide me, and in the end, he provides the reason or reasons why I had to go through the experience. It does not make it any easier. I still hurt, cry, and question, but I remember that with faith, I can overcome and arise to be a better person, a better individual, and a better witness for him.




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Motherhood: A Christian Discipline

proverbs 13 24

Proverbs 13: 24\

The one who spares his rod hates his child, but the one who loves his child is diligent in disciplining him.

Motherhood is a great challenge. It starts the day our first child is born, and ends the day we die. We become mothers without a guidance book. Instinct takes over and becomes our dependency. Such a little person relies on us to do the right thing, make the right decisions, and use the right judgment. WOW… That is a lot to handle.

Do the right thing

Maternal instinct leads us to do the right thing by our children. Do we make mistakes? Oh! YES! We do. On purpose? Absolutely, not. We may get frustrated or exhausted, but as motherhood goes, we must keep going. We lead our children the best we can.

As Christian mothers, we teach them about God, we teach them about Bible stories, and we teach them to do good by others. They we pray to God to be with them every step they make. We ask him to protect them and keep them safe. We trust and have faith that he will be there each time they need Him.

Perhaps, we believe in our hearts that with God’s guidance we will do the right thing every time. Moreover, we pray and hope that our children will do the right thing as well. We give them all the tools they need to be good citizens. In addition, with God by their side, they will have a guide just as we do.

Make the right decision

It is not easy to make the right decision every time. We stumble, we fall, we waiver, and we hesitate. We weigh the pros and cons and hope for a desirable outcome. However, the Holy Spirit consciously tugs at us to make good decisions. He is the quiet voice that directs us in our path. He is the quiet voice that leads our children as well. He convicts us when we are wrong, and gives us an embraceable happiness when we do what is right.

In the same manner, we trust God to provide guidance through the Holy Spirit; we can rest assured that he will do the same for our children. If we doubt, then we shall consult Him in prayer to get an answer to our dilemma.

Use the right judgment

This is a tough one, if we try to judge on our own, however, if we trust God’s judgment, then we can be at peace that we used the right judgment. When faced with situations regarding our children, we tend to use emotions as our guides. Sometimes we are too soft. However, we must have tough skin to make the right judgment call. Imagine, when our children get in trouble, if we do not discipline them, then we are doing them harm. They could think that they got away with something and grow up to be unruly.

We must be tough, yet gentle, we must discipline in love, yet firm, and we must correct our children when they are wrong, yet be loving mothers. We must also teach our children to be good, obedient, and of good moral character, so they too will use the right judgment when faced with difficulties.

Deuteronomy 8:5

Be keenly aware that just as a parent disciplines his child, the Lord your God disciplines you.


Calm The Storm in My Heart



Today’s Word


An occurrence of bad weather in which there is a lot of rain, snow, etc., and often winds

A strong or violent outburst, as of emotion or excitement

Today’s Verse

Psalm 107

29 He calmed the storm, and the waves grew silent.


Just as Jesus calmed the storm, He can calm our storming hearts. If we are in the midst of a storm, we must place our cares on Him. Let him calm our anxieties, problems, and crisis. As much as we want to resolve our issues, Jesus wants to resolve them with us.

We must cast our cares on Him. Ask him to lift our burdens and allow him to work in our lives without doubt or fear. We must place our faith in Him. Let him know we need his help. Acknowledge His power in our lives.

Let Your Request be Known

If your heart is suffering, let God know. Ask him to help you, to calm your worries, and to intercede. By letting Him know what is in our hearts, we acknowledge that we need Him and welcome His help.

Have Faith in Him

Once you let Him know your suffering and asked him for help, have faith that he will resolve it. By placing our faith in Him, we free ourselves of worries.

Acknowledge His Power

Lastly, acknowledge His power over your difficulties, cares, and worries. By acknowledging it, we accept His intercession on our behalf. We accept the resolve of our circumstances. We let His power calm our hearts.


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I am God’s Witness: May I Speak to Your Heart

Just Published: I am God’s Witness: May I Speak to Your Heart


Many Christians go around the world, countries, cities, neighborhoods, and churches witnessing for God. They do so because it is the right thing to do. They do so because they learn from reading the word of God that we must be witnesses to the world, we must spread the Gospel of Jesus, and we must win souls to Salvation. However, how many do it through words, example, or for the triumph of the…

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Trusting God: He Leads the Way

600px-Rainbow_in_BudapestA few weeks ago, I was faced with circumstances that tested my faith. I wondered if there was going to be a solution to the problem I was facing. It seemed that everything surrounding me was spiraling down without end.

It all started in December, changes started happening that did not seem to have any correlation to the end result. However, all changes did have a correlation. They all intertwined…

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