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Can You Hear My Heart?

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psalm 19 14

Do you ever sit across someone, listen to them speak, and all you hear is their heart pouring out?How beautiful it is. On the same token, Do you ever sit across someone, listen to them speak, and all you hear is me, me, me? How different can words from a person sound. Some are sincere, while others are so fake. Some touch our hearts, others hurt our ears.

Do people realize how selfish they can be? They invite you for a cup of coffee and they talk about themselves the whole time. They do not take a breath. They just keep going on and on. Do they even care about the person sitting across from them? Hmm.

Nevertheless, there are those that speak and a melody is heard through their words. Their words are inspiring, encouraging, and sincere. They stop, ask how we are doing, and take a turn listening.

I wonder what makes a person either way. I believe is humbleness, caring, and compassion. These are character traits that beautify a person inside and outside. Those that lack them tend to be selfish, self-absorbed, uncaring, they boast, and lack social understanding of others.

My goal is to be humble, caring, compassionate for the world, giving, and most of all, understanding. I want to carry those things in my heart and in my soul. I want to be the person that people can believe in my words, and trust my understanding of theirs.

As I go through life, I hope I can leave a positive imprint, a love that lasts ages, and memories worth remembering.

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