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family praying hands

Proverbs 17 1

Better is a dry crust of bread where there is quietness than a house full of feasting with strife.

Life today is so complicated and busy. Most work, raise a family, and have other community activities that take over their days. Families run around trying to get everything done and lose track of the time gone by without interaction, time that could be used to gather as a family and enjoy the finer moments in life, those moments when a quite word is better than a thousand activities.

Why is it that today’s demands have replaced family time? Do we have to be so busy that we lose sight of each other’s necessary interaction? Is work so important that we allow it consume us? Has family lost its value?

Unfortunately, it seems that the answers to those questions may lead us to think that the pace we chose for our lives can interfere with the important family time and God’s dedicated time.

Time for Family

The times that we spend together as a family are the times that memories are built from. Yes, the memories that we keep in our hearts, minds, and soul that can never be replaced or forgotten. It is so nice to enjoy dinner together, cook the meal, and then enjoy a family conversation at the table. It is wonderful to be of a sincere heart and participate in a heart to heart conversation. It is wonderful to practice our active listening skills and really pay attention to each other, listen to what is said, and respond with conversation. Usually, these are the times when we enjoy the laughter of our children, the silliness of others, and the fun facts heard throughout the day. It is a time to enjoy each other without judgment, or criticism, but with a loving heart.

Time for God

In addition to family time, we need to have time for God. We need to set aside time to read, study, and learn the Bible. It is time that we can use for our own Christian devotionals. It is time to be quiet of heart, gentle in spirit, and humble in thoughts. It is the time that we communicate with God and enjoy a conversation with Him. We can confess our sins, be grateful for our lives, ask for help, declare our love for Him, and most of all, it is a time to be still and listen to his guidance, acceptance, and encouragement. The greatest moment with God is every moment we spend with Him, for there is no greater moment in this world.

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