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I Saw Santa or Was it Jesus


christ birth

It was the night before Christmas

And all through the house

It was so, and so quiet

You could hear the mouse.


The children asleep

With their eyes opened wide

For Santa is coming

And they don’t know how.


Their curiosity peaks

As they hear the bells

As they chime and they chime

Up, up in the clouds.


The sleigh lands on top

What is the ruckus I hear?

I thought to myself

Santa is here!!!


All of a sudden

In front of my sight

Stood this white bearded man

With a smile and I cried.


For I never had seen

Such a beautiful sight

Santa and his elves

Were now in my house.


As a child, I laid awake

Full of hopes

And childish dreams

Of seeing him and say


Thank you Santa

And here

I made you a cookie

With my mother, dear.


Instead, all I could

Was to smile and express

The gratitude I felt,

For him all this years.


Had it not been for you

As a child I would have stopped

To have beautiful dreams

And always have hope.


Yet, you gave me belief

That one person can care.

And that it is Jesus’s birth

we celebrate everywhere.


By giving out hope

And sharing your wealth

With love and compassion

Yet, you have taught


Tis the season for giving

Our love, to all those

That God placed in our path

And are here with us.

 jesus hugging

Once, I said what I thought

I gave him a hug

As he looked at me and said

It is you, I have always loved.


As the season is here

Let us not forget

To love one another

With laughter and cheer


And as we open our presents

Rejoice and remember

Jesus birth is the reason

We celebrate each season.



1:14 Joy and gladness will come  to you, and many will rejoice at his birth, 

1:31 Listen:  You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus.


As we gather at Christmas surrounded by loved ones, let us remember those that have left.

May God be with you, always.


3 thoughts on “I Saw Santa or Was it Jesus

  1. What a beautiful and heart touching post. Yes, Christmas is all about LOVE and yes, Jesus is Absolute Love. Bless you and have yourself a very Merry and Joyfilled Christmas! Love, Amy

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