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Guard Your Heart With Vigilance

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Today’s Word


  1. The action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.

Today’s Verse

Proverbs 4

23 Guard your heart with all vigilance, for from it are the sources of life.


Our hearts, not only do they sustain our bodies, but they also sustain our spiritual life. Its function is vital to both. Today’s word combined with today’s verse states that we must keep a careful watch and guard over our hearts. We must be vigilant of outside influences that could harm it. We must protect it.

Just as our physical heart benefits from exercise, so does our spiritual heart benefit from exercising with the Word of God, the Bible.

How do we do that?

Read the Word of God

Make time each day to read the Bible. Read a verse, a paragraph, or a chapter, according to the time you dedicate, but read. Your spirit will benefit from reading the Word of God. It will be food for the soul.

Study the Word of God

Learn from the teachings in the Bible. Use a dictionary to translate words, if necessary. Use a devotional. Look for online resources. Let your spiritual heart be filled with new understanding.

Practice the Word of God

Put into action what you read and learned. Use your newfound knowledge to guard your heart. You, now, have a new weapon of protection, the Word of God. It is planted in your heart to grow as it is fed each day.

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